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Daniella Desert Video - Angela - Right click and select [Save Link As].


Cancer Therapies: Thermotherapy - Cancers can't live in temperatures of 105+ degrees. President Reagan used this therapy for his cancer.

Raw and organic meats/dairy Farmers in Central Missouri:
Learn about the real benefits of unpasteurized milk/dairy

Gifted Touch Therapeutic Massage: Linda Irby
Raw Milk Depot for Lost Farms raw milk Clients and GMO Free Eggs.

Hill Valley Organics –
Meat/Dairy. Delivery area specific - to your home.
Marth -816-529-6973

Mary Antwiler - Beef
660-6943432 or 660-525-2769

Brett and Robyn Bremer - Beef/Dairy

Goat's Milk - Out by Kuntry Bulk in Windsor
Willis Miller - 3$/gallon
11845 Brandon Road, Windsor, MO. 65360

RECOMMENDED DOCTORS, Holistic Pratitioners and Alternative Health Care Providers:

Dr. Allemann, MD
Holistic Doctor,
Columbia, MO
Offers Wellness Exams for Children and Adults, Full Vaccine Schedule, Vaccine Counseling, Vaccine Delayed Schedule options and No-Vaccine Friendly. She was previously a Travel Vaccine doctor. She has vaccinated thousands of people. If you are unsure about vaccines, she is an unbiased open source who will not make you feel bullied during any medical discussion surrounding vaccines. She can evaluate you and your family with reasonable intelligence, due to her extensive first-hand vaccine medical experience, as to whether a vaccine can or cannot be administered. She respects Parental Rights and will work to support you if her evaluation determines there is a risk. Fear not, she is a wonderful lady and we trust her.

Dr. Carraher DC, CTN
Columbia, MO.

Dr. Yates
Knob Knobster

Dr. Strouse
Sedalia, MO.

Gifted Touch
Linda Irby
Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy

Joyce Leonard
Knob Knobster

Healthy Habits
Sedalia, MO

The Wooden Spoon
Raw Honey
can get on Raw Milk Depot List for Artie Orta
Warrensburg, MO.

Kansas City Resources:
Trader Joe’s in Kansas City offers a wide variety of organic cereal bars, cereals and raw nuts and berries and organic chocolates (read labels).
The Hen House grocery store is across from Trader Joes on 119th street additionally stocks a wide supply of organic products as well.

Columbia, MO. Resources:
Natural Grocers
Stadium BLVD - Left hand side before PetSmart going south from I70..
Clovers’ carries 100% organic powdered juices and store.
North side of 70 in Columbia – call for directions.

A word on Tumors, Cancers and Cysts: Dr. Otto Warburg, leading Biochemist

Changes at EHB, LLC.
We are making more changes! Beginning January 7, 2017, all Consultations and Questions will be done via an online scheduling/payment system and Skype calls. I will only be making special product blends for Private Clients 2 times per year. I will be in my office from June 7 to June 26, 2016 and September.
Thank you for your patience!


EHB Family Notes:
We've had a new addition to the EHB family! She's 7 years old now and getting into everything and taking no prisoners!!! But she's an all natural baby!!! We used a wonderful midwife and NO drugs whatsoever! I used Hypno-birthing and my Midwife, Linda Alford, RN, CNM, FNP in Lincoln County, TN. She is wonderful and also handles multiple birthing techniques, is a licensed and trained in Neonatal Resuscitation, and has her own birthing clinic. I also ate total vegan and made my own prenatal supplements!

Birthing doesn't have to be painful or expensive. Find your local CNM Midwife on the Midwifery Organization website.

We support fully vaccinated, delayed vaccinated, no-vaccine choices. We can support informational needs regarding vaccine injury and recovery where possible using The Natural Way.
If you suspect you have a vaccine injury on your hands, report it to the VAERS database and consult your doctor immediately and start your numbered page journal notes in that follow-up meeting. Note date, vaccines administered, symptoms and times associated with those symptoms. Write down the nurses names and which ones administered them and what their attitudes were regarding vaccines. We must stop vaccine bullying. Get a copy of the immunization records when you leave the doctor's offices - wait the extra time - it's worth it if something goes wrong. Records go missing when the docs office has screwed up. Some nurses have been caught destroying records when they administered vaccines that were not on the list for that visit in these small clinics and injuries have resulted in this violation of Informed Consent with the parents. Always make them identify every syringe they bring into the room and explain their use. This helps them to remember the proper protocol process and for you to be fully informed, as is the law of Informed Consent. The courts and your lawyer will need this data. Good Luck.

Certified Master Herbalist - 2007
Traditional Herbalism - 1991
American Herbalist Guild - 2004
NFA - Professional Member - 2007 Standard Process Herbalist - 2009 Kinesiology

This section is being rewritten and reformatted.

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